Stevens Point High School Figure Skating Team: Signup

Hello everyone!  My name is Katie Trzebiatowski and I coach the Stevens Point Area High School Figure Skating Team, along with Katie Baeten and Nickie West. The Stevens Point High School Figure Skating Team is a co-op of multiple area high schools and home-schooled students.  We are gearing up for our season and we’d like to know if you are interested in joining our team!

The High school team is composed of High school aged (freshman – senior) skaters.  The team offers competition at multiple different skill levels.  Each different skill level competes individual elements for a team score.  The High School team is another opportunity for skaters to excel and perfect their skills in a team atmosphere. The team competes at four different competitions throughout the season and holds 10 different 30 minute Sunday evening practices.    The attached informational document will have the competition and practice dates along with  detailed team rules and regulations.

I have also attached a list of the individual elements for each skill level that are competed for each competition.  The coaching staff will assign skaters to the team levels and distribute individual elements to the skaters prior to each competition.

All interested skaters will need to sign up/ fill out your information on this Google form by August 1st 2022:

If you choose to sign up for High School team, the final page of the Rules and regulations document will need to be signed by both the skater and a parent/ guardian prior to our first practice.

If you need a team dress for this season please check with past graduated seniors, there may be a few skaters from the 2021 season and from the 2022 season that have dresses to sell.  I have attached the sizing chart for the dresses so you have an idea on what size dress you would be looking for.  We can evaluate ordering new dresses if needed as well.  

We are looking forward to another awesome season.  If you have any questions after reading through all the attached documentation, please let me know!

Katie T.

SP High School Figure Skating Team 2022-2023

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