Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIFSC?

(CIFSC)  is a non-profit organization for area figure skaters who wish to skate for recreation, competition or to improve and develop skating skills beyond basic levels.

Who is eligible to become a junior CIFSC member?

Anyone who is eighteen years of age or younger or who has not graduated from high school. (Adult and collegiate memberships are also available).

When can a skater become a member?

Skaters can become CIFSC members once they have passed into Pre-Freeskate in the Learn To Skate Program.

How do I learn more about membership?

An organizational meeting is held in the fall (usually late August) of each year for all members and incoming members.  The meeting date and time is posted on this CIFSC website.  You may also contact K.B. Willett for information or the Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club on facebook.

How much are membership fees?

To become a member, there are two standard, yearly fees that must be paid:

  1. CIFSC annual membership fee: $50 for each skater
  2. USFSA (US Figure Skating Association)* fees are as follows:
    • Introductory rate for first year members: $30. After the first year the rate is $60.
    • Subsequent family members: $24 for each subsequent skater CIFSC and USFSA dues are good from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

* USFSA is the governing body of figure skating on ice in the United States.  It is responsible for making and enforcing rules for the sport, and holding competitions and official tests.

Can a skater join the club at any time during the year?

In order to join mid-year, a skater must contact the membership chair. Fees are not pro-rated.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a member?

Individual Coaching:

Coaches can help you advance and train.  A coach helps you learn new skills, perfect current skills, pick the proper skates, help in developing programs for competitions, and provide music CD’s for your programs.

Ice time for practice with a coach:

Ice time that is available to the club is divided into time slots called packages.  Package times vary slightly, and last approximately 45-60 minutes for the length of the skating season.  Packages are offered at various times on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.  This ice time provides more opportunities for skaters to expand their options in figure skating.

Competitions and test sessions:

Individual skaters may participate in competitions and test sessions. Coaches will provide more detailed information throughout the season with the skater and families.

Synchronized skating:

Currently there are three synchronized skating teams. Members are allowed to participate in tryouts which are held each year.

Ice Show:

All members are encouraged to participate in the Ice Show each year which is held in early April.

How do I secure a coach?

A list of coaches is available on the CIFSC website under the tab coaches. It is recommended to have a coach once you reach the Pre-Freestyle level.  A good place to request a coach is either at the ice arena or refer to the website list of coaches. More detailed information is listed on this page by each individual coach.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Any board member can help you. Please refer to the CIFSC website and click on the Board tab for contact info.