Ice Show 2023: Volunteer List / Information

THANK YOU to our volunteers for stepping up and filling those slots. Below are a list of volunteers. If you are unsure what your role entails, email me and I will give you a rundown.

All volunteers, please pick a name tag up from the ticket table on the West end of the building. This is how we will track volunteer attendance. If your partner hasn’t shown up, please let a board member know and we will help you out. 

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High School 2023 Bill: Final Reminder (Due March 29)

This is a reminder that HS payments are due by Wednesday March 29th. If able, it would be a great time tomorrow since all skaters will be at the rink for opening number practice to turn in your payment. 

Reminder that if payment is not received on or before Wednesday March 29th, skaters will not be allowed to take part in the ice show.

If questions, let me know.


New CIFSC Board Members

We would like to welcome our newest CIFSC Board members:

  • Darcy Grabski
  • Jen Lindsey
  • Nick Lindsey

Their positions will officially begin in July.

We also want to mention the board members whose terms are up and have brought so much to the club over the years:

  • Beth McBride (6 years)
  • Liz Anderson (6 years)
  • Melissa Fletcher (3 years)

Congratulations to all of you, we’re so lucky to have you part of our club!

The CIFSC Board

Spring Ice: Registration Deadline (Mar. 27, 2023)

Please read the directions before registering your skater.

  • Type your skater’s full name as the ‘answer’ for each date you are registering for (registration is ala carte, you can skate as much or as little as you would like)
  • Fill out a separate form for each skater in your family
  • Skaters should only register for their appropriate level, contact your coach if you are unsure
  • Once the final schedule is released, no changes will be made
  • Club members will be assigned rink monitor duties. They look different at Ice Hawks, expectations will be shared
  • Bills will be sent by the treasurer once the schedule is set (Some packages may be cancelled due to low interest. You will be contacted if a package you selected is being cancelled).
  • Walk-on options are only available to skaters registered for at least one session. Skaters may only walk onto packages at their skating level. Each package is capped at 15 skaters.
  • Priority will be given to club, collegiate, then associate members.
  • Members must be in good standing to be eligible to skate (volunteer and financial obligations have been met)


Ice Show 2023: Volunteers Needed!

We are still in need of a few more volunteers for Ice Show Weekend. Please consider signing up:

Volunteers should stop by the ticket table on the West end of the building and pick up their volunteer name tag. Volunteers helping backstage (skate shop, Zamboni end, and freestyle locker rooms) DO NOT need a ticket for that show. All other volunteers will need a ticket.

Rehearsals resume this Sunday, March 26th. Please refer to your rehearsal schedule. 

Technical and Dress Rehearsals are mandatory. For an explanation of how these nights will be run, please review the following posts:

We can’t wait to see the skaters hit the ice. They have been working incredibly hard!

Ice Show 2023: Dress Rehearsal (Fri. 3/31)

All skaters must be at the rink and in their costumes, ready to go. Teddy Bear-Basic 6 skaters will be seated on the bottom bleachers with their groups and are encouraged to watch the show. Freestyle skaters (Glee Club, Cruisin for a Bruisin, Detention, and Footloose) will utilize locker rooms (Spash locker room and locker room 5) to change. ALL SKATERS MUST HAVE THEIR SKATES ON AND READY TO TAKE THE ICE AT 5PM. We will be staging our Finale at this time and will have all skaters take the ice (skaters may wear jackets on the ice during this time to stay warm). After we go through the finale, we will run through the entire show in the order below. All numbers will skate once. One night and two-night soloists will skate back to back. You are not required to stay the entire evening after your skater has skated their routines. 

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Ice Show 2023: Technical Rehearsal (Thur. 3/30)

Each group will have the opportunity to skate through their routines twice. We will be utilizing theatrical lighting throughout the night. Younger groups are scheduled earlier in the evening, with our older groups towards the end of the night. Skaters do not wear their costumes for technical rehearsal. Learn to Skate groups (Teddy Bear-Basic 6) will sit with their groups on the bottom bleacher by their group sign prior to skating their routine. Freestyle Skaters may utilize the west entrance space and bleachers to gather. We will announce throughout the night when each number is free to leave for the evening.

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