2022 Board Member & Bylaw Results

Below are the results for the Board Member and Bylaw voting. 

Congratulations to Sam Kizewski, Jill Przekurat and Trisha Hudack for being voted on the board for the next 3 years. We want to thank Tanya Sondelski for her past 3 years of service to the club and all she did.

  • Article III- Board of Directors Section 3: Qualifications: Any voting member over eighteen (18) years of age, who is not a CIFSC coach on record, may be elected to any office.  -Passed by 96%
  • Article IV- Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors Section 14: Ice Show Participation: The board of directors shall work in collaboration with the Ice Show Director to determine the participation policy and publish that policy at the time members sign up for the show. Passed by 92%
  • Class 5: Legacy Members: Legacy members shall be former junior club members who have graduated high school and wish to participate as full club members of the Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club rather than collegiate or adult members. Legacy members must be a member of USFSA and have paid CIFSC membership fees. Legacy members are required to fulfill volunteer expectations as established by the CIFSC board. Legacy members will receive 2nd priority for package ice. Legacy members are eligible to vote or hold office. – Passed by 73%
  • Class 6: Synchronized Skating Members: Synchronized skating members shall have USFSA membership through the Learn to Skate program, but must also hold a CIFSC membership. A synchronized skating member is a member of the Crystal Edge Synchronized Skating Team who is not yet eligible for junior club membership. Synchronized skating members are not able to skate a package, walk on, vote, or hold office. – Passed by 73%

Thank you!

Ice Show 2022: Masks Not Required

US Figure Skating has just released (3/15) a revised masking/Covid-19 policy. Effective immediately, masks are no longer required at USFS sanctioned events.

We will not require masks at our ice show. If you prefer to wear a mask, please feel free to do so.

See you at the rink!

Ice Show 2022: Tickets Available Now!

Sold by University Information and Tickets

Tickets for this year’s ice show are available for sale NOW! The tickets are being sold through the UWSP ticket office. Tickets are available online, in-person at the UWSP ticket office and over the phone. Tickets will be available online until April 6th, then they will be available at the Willett office and before each performance at the door.

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Volunteer of the Year: Trisha Hudack

Volunteer of the Year

Every year, the CIFSC board nominates and votes for one outstanding volunteer within our club. We appreciate all of the parents who work tirelessly to make our club the best it can be. However, this year we recognize Trisha Hudack as our Volunteer of the Year.

Trisha not only serves as our club’s Vice President, but she also coordinates our Spring/Summer Ice Packages and is our Test Session Co-Chair. If your skater participated in our annual test session or Red Panther Highschool competition, you remember the snowstorm that weekend. Trisha’s quick thinking rerouted our judges from Chicago to Madison when their flight to Mosinee was canceled. She then drove to Madison late Friday night, through the storm, to get our judges to town. Without her, the event would have been canceled. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Trisha. Congratulations on being our Volunteer of the Year!

Spring & Summer Specialty Classes

Join us for some fun on the ice to enhance your skating talent! Collaboratively we have about 40 years of figure skating coaching experience, and we are ready to share some of our knowledge with you! We are offering a series of classes once per month this spring and summer. Each class will have a unique focus that will help develop and polish your skating skills.

The registration deadline is April 18. You can pick and choose which ones you want, or take them all.

Katie Baeten, Katie Trzebiatowski, Nickie West

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Ice Show 2022: Volunteer Sign-Up / Updates

The Ice Show Volunteer Sign-Up is available here. Just a reminder that there is a $50 an hour fee for any volunteer hours not completed (4 hours for one skater, 6 hours for multiple skaters). Each family, whose skater is participating, must complete one hour of time at the ice show (2 hours for multiple skaters). Ice Show picture day hours do count towards your Ice Show requirements. All hours must be completed or paid for prior to being eligible to register for any Spring/Summer ice. If no Spring/Summer ice is requested, the fee will need to be paid before your skater is eligible for package ice in the fall. 

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