Volunteer Hours


In order to ensure the success of our volunteer-led organization, it is very important that all Junior Club members support the club through their time and energy. As a result, there is not a buyout option for Volunteer Hours. Hours that are not fulfilled will be fined at a rate of $50/hour. Skaters will also not be allowed to skate the next available session (spring/summer/fall) if a family’s volunteer requirement has not been met or the fine has not been paid.

Volunteer opportunity information and sign-up sheets will be available online through cifsc.net and will occasionally be sent to the club via email. Please note that Rink Monitor hours, the Red Panther HS Team hour, and credit-earning hours (such as working concessions, Riverfront shifts, selling Butter Braids) DO NOT count towards the volunteer hour requirement.

I understand that as a junior club member of the Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club, our family is required to provide at least 4 volunteer hours per skater, with a maximum of 6 hours per family1 hour per skater or 2 per family MUST be completed during the Ice Show, and all hours need to be completed by the end of this season’s Ice Show. If a skater does not sign up for the Ice Show, the Ice Show hours must be completed through another volunteer opportunity. Board discretion will be used if unforeseen circumstances prevent a family from fulfilling their hours.

Please contact the volunteer coordinator with any questions.

In order to submit volunteer hours that were not tracked through sign-ups sent by the club, please use the following form. This would include any activity for the club such as costumes, website management, props committee.