Volunteer Hours


The Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club relies on volunteers in every aspect of our organization. While we have set a minimum requirement for volunteer hours, we are so appreciative of those that exceed those requirements. Without the support and commitment of our volunteers, many club events would not be possible. Junior Club and Legacy members must complete 5 hours of time during the season. Families with more than one skater must complete 8 hours. There is not a buyout option for Volunteer Hours, and hours that are not fulfilled by the end of Ice Show weekend will be fined at a rate of $50/hour. Volunteer hours completed after the Ice Show will apply to the following season (Riverfront Rendezvous and Spring/Summer Ice Coordinators).  Skaters will be considered a member NOT in good standing with the club if all hours are not completed and until all fines are paid. This can affect eligibility for testing, competing, practicing, performing, and fundraising. 

If you complete volunteer hours that are not part of an online sign-up, please email the coordinator. Please note that Rink Monitor hours, the Red Panther HS Team hours, and Individual Fundraising events (Riverfront and Concessions) DO NOT count towards the volunteer hour requirement. 

  • Test Session/High School Competition: If your skater participates in either (or both) events this day, 2 hours of volunteer time is required. If your skater is a highschool team member the first two hours of volunteer time DO NOT count towards your club volunteer hour requirement, only your HS team requirement. Any additional hours completed will be applied to your club requirement.  First priority for volunteer spots will be given to families participating. 
  • Ice Show: 1 hour of volunteer time is required (2 for multiple skaters). These hours DO count towards your club volunteer requirement.
  • Board Members: Serving on the board fulfills all volunteer requirements minus high school competition (if participating).
  • Volunteers listed in a Volunteer Position on the website fulfill all their hours within that position, minus their ice show, test session, and high school competition obligations (if participating).

Please contact the volunteer coordinator with any questions.