Rink Monitor


There are different Rink Monitor duties throughout the skating seasons at the K.B. Willett Arena and Ice Hawks Arena. Make sure to check the Rink Monitor/CD Playing Schedule! You will be charged $20 for each no-show (if two names are listed they must provide an adult for rink monitor duties; if one adult is needed for an emergency, the other adult can keep CDs playing).

Instructions for connecting and using the digital music system (Kindle Table) can be found online:

If the date you are scheduled doesn’t work out, you may switch with another parent.  Please notify the Rink Monitor Coordinator if you switch dates (so you won’t be charged if your replacement is a no-show) and the Rink Monitor Coordinator will update the schedule. Also, let the coordinator know if you fill in for someone who was a no-show, so you can receive credit for doing so.

Season Duties / Details