Raise Right: Transaction Fee Increase

We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to Raise Right fees. The following was sent to Raise Right members:

Effective January 9, 2023, the transaction fee for orders placed by participants using their bank account will increase from $0.15 to $0.29 per order so we can continue to enhance our gift card catalog and develop new features to grow your organization’s earnings. We have not adjusted this fee since 2011 and remain committed to keeping our fees as low as possible.

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Salvation Army Bell Ringing

CISFC can make a difference in our community. Ring the Bell for Salvation Army, from Wednesday to Friday this week at Walmart from 4 – 8 pm. Please let us know who would like to sign up, date and time. Parents are also welcome to participate with their son/daughter.

Ring a bell… help change a life.

If you have club gear, wear it, but dress weather appropriate.

Yami H. Hill
Phone:  715-342-6878
Cell: 715-572-3474

SPAM Email Reminder

Each year we deal with SPAM emails sent to various club members. They look like they are from me, but they are not from my personal email account. Our club account, nor my personal account, have not been hacked. 

Often these emails ask for you to contact me, that it is urgent. They sometimes request you purchase gift cards for a donation or reward. 


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Reminder: Cancellation Policy

I just wanted to send a reminder that our club does NOT follow the cancellation policy of the school district. This means if school is cancelled or after school activities are cancelled by the district, that does not apply to our evening package ice. If you are not comfortable coming in for a package, certainly stay home. If you are scheduled to rink monitor, you will need to find a replacement. Package Ice will run, as scheduled, unless the rink decides to close. We will update any cancellations via email and facebook.

If your skater chooses to miss the package, no refunds will be given. If the rink closes, you will receive a credit for that ice time. 

Thank you,
CIFSC board 

High School: Team Photo – 12/6 @ 3:30pm

The high school team pictures have finally been scheduled. The date is December 6th from 3:30 until done. I think we can do individuals first then team picture. John Hartman is taking the pictures. It has been a real struggle to arrange a time for both so I apologize for the short notice.

Drake Lotzer

High School Competition: Volunteers NEEDED!

Good Afternoon!

We will be hosting 12 teams for our High School Competition and we need all hands on deck! We are especially in need of two volunteers from 1:45-4:00 to announce the teams and play music. A script will be provided. 

Please use this link to sign up. The time slot will be updated, but you would be needed from 1:45-4:00. We have volunteers for 10:45-1:45.


The high school competition will likely start closer to 10:45 rather than 11:00. We are working to update the volunteer times. Please check next week as your time may be slightly altered. 

Remember that all skaters participating in either the test session or highschool competition need to volunteer two hours of time. For highschool families, this is separate from your club volunteer time. Any hours completed over two, will count towards your required club hours (5 for one skater, 8 for multiple skaters). The Board of Directors is especially appreciative of those families that go beyond the required hours. To continue providing these experiences for our skaters, we really need families to help us out. 

Thank you for your consideration,


Wisconsin Rapids: January 2023 Camp / Test Session

If you have any questions about these opportunities please reach out to the hosting club. 

The Wisconsin Rapids Figure Skating Club will be holding our Winter Camp January 18-21, 2023.   We will also be holding a test session at the end of our camp on January 21, 2023.  We have some great guest coaches and local coaches this winter and we are excited to be able to offer this camp to our skaters!  We have a new coach, Heidi Masse, attending our camp so I have included her resume.  

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