Synchronized Skating Teams

Synchronized Ice Skating is the fastest growing discipline within the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA), topping singles skating, pairs and ice dancing.  It involves 5-16 skaters on the ice at the same time, and is made up of complex formations and maneuvers, difficult footwork, changing hand and arm holds, deep edges, sharp changes in direction, and complete uniformity.   Like figure skating, “synchro” requires grace, speed, endurance, agility and rhythm.

The mission of CIFSC synchronized skating is to help our skaters grow as athletes and individuals by teaching teamwork, goal setting, responsibility, discipline and commitment in all aspects of life.

Synchronized skating is open to freestyle skaters of all ages and abilities.  Our program is designed to provide growth and development for all skaters, and tries to provide any interested skater an opportunity to participate. 

2022-23 Synchro Team Roster

Coached by Cassie Tudor, Meg Ries, and Liz Anderson

Preliminary Team

  • Maeve Russell
  • Natalie Tudor
  • Ava Kizewski
  • Amahni Sixel
  • Lorena Hill
  • Tanna Edwards
  • Ella Lindsey

Pre-Preliminary Team

  • Josie Sauberlich
  • Allison Kontney
  • Gracie Ballew
  • Evelynn Grabski
  • Braelyn Blake
  • Corrina Pliska
  • Rosalyn Knutson
  • Mora Schultz

Beginner Team

  • Lyla Fahney
  • Olivia Zamfir
  • Ellison Boenski
  • Lauryn Tudor
  • Aubrianna Brillowski
  • Ava Northwood
  • Annie Ackeret
  • Alexia Czahor
  • Corrine Dehlinger

SYNCHRO team practices will be held at Ice Hawks on Sunday evenings. Beginner and Pre-Pre skate at 6:00 and Preliminary skates from 7:15-8. Practices will begin on 9/11 and end by 2/26.

Please be advised there is an additional charge to join these synchronized teams.