Credit Earning Opportunities

Credit earning opportunities help families offset some of their fees. All credit-earning opportunities are optional. Credit earned is applied to a skater’s invoice. These options are available to skaters who have an eligible club member status at the time of the credit sign-up and event. Credit balances will now be immediately applied to your invoice. 

Water/Pepsi products sales at Riverfront Rendezvous

CIFSC is responsible for selling soda/water at Riverfront Rendezvous during the entire July 4th weekend event.  Volunteers who work at least one shift are eligible to receive a credit towards their skating costs.  The only members who qualify to work at Riverfront are Junior Club members who are members at the time of sign-up and have not graduated from high school. Please click on the link to review the expectations for Riverfront and look for a sign-up link via email in late May/June. (Riverfront dates for 2023 are June 30-July 2)

Concession Stand

CIFSC family members have the opportunity to work in the concession stand at the K. B. Willett Arena during Saturday and Tuesday Learn to Skate (LTS) and Saturday and Sunday Public Skate Sessions. Workers must be 16 years or older (skaters under 16 will be allowed to assist their parents during their shift but will not be paid). Workers are required to attend a 30-minute training session prior to working in the concession stand for the first time.  

The skater’s ice package costs will be credited $10/hour for each hour worked. In addition, a concession bonus check based on 3% of sales during shifts worked by the club will be divided up according to the number of hours worked and this additional credit can be used towards ice/team costs. No cash payments will be made for hours worked beyond the skater’s package costs. 

Butterbraid Sale

Club members will have an opportunity to sell Butterbraid products in the fall to earn credit on their ice bill. Watch the website and newsletters for more information. 

CIFSC RaiseRight

This rebate program opportunity runs all year long.  Pre-purchase RaiseRight gift cards through CIFSC and your skater will receive 100% of their own RaiseRight profits as rebate credits. The earned credit can be used toward your fall, spring or summer ice packages.

  • These cards may be purchased for yourself or you can sell them to others.
  • Orders are placed online and members MUST choose to ship to home if the option is available. Shipping to the club will only be available for cards with no ship-to-home option.

If you have any questions contact the scrip coordinator.

  • Credit balances can no longer be paid out after a skater leaves the club (per the IRS). The club will absorb the remaining balances.