Purchases, Volunteer Coordinators, and Riverfront Dates

New Purchase Policy – all club members need preapproval for any purchase they wish to bill to the club. Please submit a Permission for Purchases form located on the website (Club Information– Forms). This excludes items that will be billed to skaters (i.e. costumes). If approval is not given, club members will be responsible for the purchase amounts. 

A reminder of an existing policy – club members wishing to be reimbursed for a preapproved purchase should complete an Expense Reimbursement FormThis can also be found on the website (Club Information- Forms).

New Request – as we say goodbye to another large group of seniors, we also prepare to lose a lot of dedicated volunteers. In an effort to make this transition smooth and update policies and procedures, we are asking all volunteers to create a Checklist of Responsibilities associated with their specific roles. If you are listed as a volunteer here, we ask you to work on creating this checklist. Please include a timeline of tasks, necessary contacts, budget items, and all other pertinent information a new volunteer may need stepping into that role. Please email your checklist to cifscstevenspoint@gmail.com. It will be uploaded to our Google Folder. If you are comfortable with Google docs, the folder can be shared with you so you can keep the form updated. If you prefer to update the form and send it to the club at the end of every season, that is fine too. Please submit all checklists by the end of June. 

Riverfront is a great opportunity to earn credits towards your skating costs. This year Riverfront Rendezvous will be held July 1-3. Save these dates and keep an eye out for sign-up information in May.