Volunteer as a Learn to Skate Helper

Get Involved and Give Back.

Skaters in high school that are interested in volunteering as a Learn to Skate helper, or have helped in the past, should plan on attending our meeting on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH at 5:00pm at the K.B. Willett. We will be going through what it means to be a helper, responsibilities, season overview, and additional opportunities. All interested skaters must attend the meeting.

Please fill out the form following the link below if you would like to be a helper this season.

Learn to Skate Interest Form

If you have any additional questions, please email Katie Baeten at katherine.g.baeten@gmail.com

Open Volunteer Positions

Good Morning,

The Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club relies on volunteers in every aspect of our organization. While we have set a minimum requirement for volunteer hours, we are so appreciative of those that exceed those requirements. Without the support and commitment of our volunteers, many club events would not be possible. Even if your skater isn’t involved in a particular event, yet, we want to maintain opportunities for when skaters are eligible. 

We have several volunteer positions opening as we prepare for a large graduating senior class this upcoming season. Committing to one of the positions below would involve working with the current volunteer for this season to learn the role, and then taking over the position during the 2024-2025 season. If you have any questions about what the position entails, please reach out to the current coordinator. Filling any one of these positions will fulfill your 5 (or 9 for multiple skaters) volunteer hours. This would not include your test session, HS team, or Ice Show hours required (if your skater participates). 

  • High School Competition Coordinator (October-December) Current Coordinator- Jill Przekurat jillprzekurat@gmail.com (fulfills your required 2 hours for HS Team)
  • High School Team Billing (September-March) Current Coordinator- Terrie Tauferner rtauf@frontiernet.net (fulfills your required 2 hours for HS Team)
  • Rink Monitor Coordinator & Scheduling (this job is a year round) Current Coordinator- Tieoni Riley rileysat@aol.com
  • Riverfront Rendezvous Soda Stand Coordinators (April-July) We have 2 coordinators for this position, we need to fill 1. Current Coordinators are Jen Lindsey and Terrie Tauferner- rtauf@frontiernet.net
  • 50/50 Raffle Coordinator (Ice Show Weekend) We would like to increase this from two coordinators to four. So we are looking for four people total. Current Coordinators- Terrie and Ryan Tauferner rtauf@frontiernet.net (fulfills your required Ice Show Hours)
  • Ice Show Yard Sign Coordinator (March-April) Current Coordinator- Tieoni Riley rileysat@aol.com

Thank you for your consideration,

CIFSC Board 

Ice Show 2023: Volunteer List / Information

THANK YOU to our volunteers for stepping up and filling those slots. Below are a list of volunteers. If you are unsure what your role entails, email me and I will give you a rundown.

All volunteers, please pick a name tag up from the ticket table on the West end of the building. This is how we will track volunteer attendance. If your partner hasn’t shown up, please let a board member know and we will help you out. 

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New CIFSC Board Members

We would like to welcome our newest CIFSC Board members:

  • Darcy Grabski
  • Jen Lindsey
  • Nick Lindsey

Their positions will officially begin in July.

We also want to mention the board members whose terms are up and have brought so much to the club over the years:

  • Beth McBride (6 years)
  • Liz Anderson (6 years)
  • Melissa Fletcher (3 years)

Congratulations to all of you, we’re so lucky to have you part of our club!

The CIFSC Board

Ice Show 2023: Volunteers Needed!

We are still in need of a few more volunteers for Ice Show Weekend. Please consider signing up: https://signup.com/go/GeowPHO

Volunteers should stop by the ticket table on the West end of the building and pick up their volunteer name tag. Volunteers helping backstage (skate shop, Zamboni end, and freestyle locker rooms) DO NOT need a ticket for that show. All other volunteers will need a ticket.

Rehearsals resume this Sunday, March 26th. Please refer to your rehearsal schedule. 

Technical and Dress Rehearsals are mandatory. For an explanation of how these nights will be run, please review the following posts:

We can’t wait to see the skaters hit the ice. They have been working incredibly hard!

Ice Show 2023: Volunteers Needed

Volunteer hours are posted for Ice Show Picture Day (March 4) and Ice Show Weekend (March 31- April 2). Please use the sign-up link:


All families must have completed or claimed their required hours by March 30th at 4 p.m. or their skater(s) is not eligible to perform. In addition to this, you will be charged $50 per hour not completed. This fine must be paid before your skater is eligible for spring/summer ice, spring/summer credit earning opportunities, or it will be added to your registration fee for the new season July 1. 

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High School Competition: Volunteers NEEDED!

Good Afternoon!

We will be hosting 12 teams for our High School Competition and we need all hands on deck! We are especially in need of two volunteers from 1:45-4:00 to announce the teams and play music. A script will be provided. 

Please use this link to sign up. The time slot will be updated, but you would be needed from 1:45-4:00. We have volunteers for 10:45-1:45.


The high school competition will likely start closer to 10:45 rather than 11:00. We are working to update the volunteer times. Please check next week as your time may be slightly altered. 

Remember that all skaters participating in either the test session or highschool competition need to volunteer two hours of time. For highschool families, this is separate from your club volunteer time. Any hours completed over two, will count towards your required club hours (5 for one skater, 8 for multiple skaters). The Board of Directors is especially appreciative of those families that go beyond the required hours. To continue providing these experiences for our skaters, we really need families to help us out. 

Thank you for your consideration,


Dress Exhibition: Jan. 2, 2023 / Signup Before Dec. 12

Hello Skaters!

The Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club will be holding their annual Dress Exhibition on Monday, January 2, 2023 at the KB Willett Ice Arena from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  For those new to the club, our dress exhibition is open to all club members who will be competing in a solo, duet, or synchro routine this season. Dress exhibition is an opportunity for a ‘dress rehearsal’. Family and friends are invited to watch. This event is free and open to the public. Concessions will be available.

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