New CIFSC Board Members

We would like to welcome our newest CIFSC Board members:

  • Darcy Grabski
  • Jen Lindsey
  • Nick Lindsey

Their positions will officially begin in July.

We also want to mention the board members whose terms are up and have brought so much to the club over the years:

  • Beth McBride (6 years)
  • Liz Anderson (6 years)
  • Melissa Fletcher (3 years)

Congratulations to all of you, we’re so lucky to have you part of our club!

The CIFSC Board

January 2023: Congratulations! / Rink Monitor / Soloist Updates

Congratulations to all of our club skaters who have competed the last several weekends! It is incredible to see how hard they have all worked.

Some upcoming competition options:

Rink Monitors:

Soloist music for the ice show is available in the google drive located on the website. It will be downloaded onto the kindle by next week’s package. To access off the kindle you can:

  • connect to internet
  • go to the package music tab that is bookmarked in the web browser


  • go to
  • skating opportunities
  • package ice
  • music uploads

These directions are also written on the white sheet tucked in the bag with the Kindle. Soloists, please make sure your song is included in all of your packages.

Ice Show pictures will be March 4th. A schedule will be shared soon.

Rink Monitoring: Music Order Changes (Effective: 1/15/23)

In order to ensure all skaters have an equal chance of having their music played during package ice, we will be mixing up where we start our alphabetical order.

This week (Jan 15, 2023) we will be starting with the middle of the alphabet and from the end of the alphabet next week. The starting points will be marked in the rink monitor book.

In addition to going in order, rink monitors should take note of which skaters have been able to skate their programs more than other skaters and should adjust accordingly so that everyone has an equal opportunity to practice.

Thank you,

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

CISFC can make a difference in our community. Ring the Bell for Salvation Army, from Wednesday to Friday this week at Walmart from 4 – 8 pm. Please let us know who would like to sign up, date and time. Parents are also welcome to participate with their son/daughter.

Ring a bell… help change a life.

If you have club gear, wear it, but dress weather appropriate.

Yami H. Hill
Phone:  715-342-6878
Cell: 715-572-3474

SPAM Email Reminder

Each year we deal with SPAM emails sent to various club members. They look like they are from me, but they are not from my personal email account. Our club account, nor my personal account, have not been hacked. 

Often these emails ask for you to contact me, that it is urgent. They sometimes request you purchase gift cards for a donation or reward. 


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Digital Music: New Uploads Needed

Last year the club made a first attempt at using a digital music player in place of CDs. This year we have purchased a device strictly for this purpose and we need your help to try it out. 

In order to play this year’s music electronically, we will need skaters or their coaches to upload a digital version of their solo, duet, artistic piece, and dance songs to the folder that matches their package.

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Package Ice: Use CAUTION!, Time Correction & Reminders

The rink staff wants to remind everyone that when the weather is warm, the heat that comes in from the entrance doors creates condensation drips from the ceiling. The staff will do their best to minimize the impact of the drips, but skaters should be cautious on that end of the rink on warm days. Fixing this issue is part of the ongoing updates to the Willett. 

There was a misprint on the Rink Monitor Schedule. Wednesday’s package will run from 6:00-7:00.

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