SPAM Email Reminder

Each year we deal with SPAM emails sent to various club members. They look like they are from me, but they are not from my personal email account. Our club account, nor my personal account, have not been hacked. 

Often these emails ask for you to contact me, that it is urgent. They sometimes request you purchase gift cards for a donation or reward. 


Please do not respond to these emails. Delete them. I appreciate the heads up that these have gone out as it is my yearly reminder to email the club and notify new members. Moving forward, there is no need to let me know you got an email. I apologize for the inconvenience. However, there is nothing I can do to stop this.

CIFSC also stands for Canadian Investment Funds Standards Committee and I don’t know if scammers are drawn more to that. 

Anyway, ignore them. The only payment we will ever notify you of via email will be accompanied by our invoice. If you are ever unsure, check the email address it is coming from.

Email to verify if necessary. 

Thank you,