Ice Show 2024: Show Week Reminders!

Below are some essential reminders before we begin ice show week. Please share the appropriate items below with your skater.

  • Volunteers: We still need volunteers for each show. Please consider signing up for one of the shifts posted on the bulletin board in the arena. Thank you to those who have signed up already!
  • Ice Show t-shirts: The shirts will be ready for pickup next week.
  • Rental Skates, Boot Covers: Rental Skates can be checked out from the Skate Shop starting April 1st. Skate must be turned in after the Sunday performance. Boot Covers are still available for sale in the arena office.

Thursday April 4th Technical Rehearsal:

Each group will have the opportunity to skate through their routines twice. We will be utilizing the theatrical lighting throughout the night. Younger groups are scheduled earlier in the evening, with our older groups towards the end of the night. Skaters do not wear their costumes for technical rehearsal. Learn to Skate groups (Teddy Bear-Basic 6) will sit with their groups on the bottom bleacher by their group sign prior to skating their routine. Freestyle Skaters may utilize the west entrance space and bleachers to gather. We will be announcing throughout the night when each number is free to leave for the evening.

Friday April 5th Dress Rehearsal:

All skaters must be at the rink and in their costumes, ready to go. Teddy Bear-Basic 6 skaters will be seated on the bottom bleachers with their groups and are encouraged to watch the show. Freestyle skaters (Puzzle Pieces, Boomerang, Barrel of Monkeys, and Dominoes) will utilize locker rooms (Spash locker room and locker room 5) to change. ALL SKATERS MUST HAVE THEIR SKATES ON AND READY TO TAKE THE ICE AT 5PM. We will be staging our Finale at this time and will have all skaters take the ice (skaters may wear jackets on the ice during this time to stay warm). After we go through the finale, we will run through the entire show in the order below. All numbers will skate once. One night and two night soloists will skate back to back. You are not required to stay the entire evening after your skater has skated their routines. The concession stand will be open for Dress Rehearsal from 4:00-8:00pm, serving pizza, hot dogs, and brats.

Ice Show Reminders for all skaters

  • All Skaters with rental skates or skates other than black or white must wear boot covers. All skaters must have white or black laces. You may purchase boot covers from the K.B. Willett office. 
  • Children can watch technical and dress rehearsals, but must remain in their staging rooms during the show. 
  • Remember to feed your skater before the show. There should be no food or drink (besides water) in the staging rooms.
  • Skaters must be in their staging/locker rooms at least 30 minutes before showtime.
  • Skaters may enter the rink from the East (main) or West doors. Parents and spectators may only enter through the West doors on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Before you leave home make sure you have all the pieces to your costume and skates.
  • Have your names on items you bring with you and might want returned. SKATERS MUST HAVE NAME ON THEIR BLADE GUARDS. Items can likely be returned if there is a name on it.
  • Skaters- bring your smile and enthusiasm, quiet voices, and good behavior. All skaters are expected to behave and respect all participants and volunteers in the staging rooms at all times. 
  • Items to bring with for staging rooms: blankets, crayons, coloring books, books, toys to help keep kids entertained.

Staging Room Volunteer Reminders

  • Volunteers check in and pick up their name tags in the west lobby
  • Report to your assigned staging room to receive instructions.
  • Help ensure skaters are not leaving the staging rooms during the show (unless it is their time to skate).
  • Help put headpieces on skaters before they leave the staging room to take the ice.
  • Bring: crayons, coloring books, blankets, books, toys, and a positive attitude and patience. 

Freestyle Skater Reminders

  • All freestyle skaters should utilize their assigned locker rooms
  • All freestyle skaters will wear regular tights that show their skates. No over the boot tights.
  • You are expected to keep the locker rooms clean and leave them as they were when you arrived.
  • Only skaters are allowed in the Spash locker room and Locker Room 5. No school friends, coaches, parents, etc….are allowed in the Spash and #5 locker rooms. 
  • Only skaters, ice show coaches, and volunteers are allowed backstage during the show.
  • Freestyle skaters can watch the show from the designated area backstage bleachers, but must make sure they are backstage in time to get headpieces on and be backstage on time. We will NOT go looking for you. You must be ready to skate when it is your time to be on the ice. 
  • If you have a quick change and have not discussed it with Katie Baeten, let her know.
  • Make sure you leave the ice in a graceful fashion
  • All solo skaters change into their solo costumes for the Sunday Finale
  • Synchronized skaters MUST wear their Basic/Freestyle costume or specialty costume for all 3 shows Finale.

Soloist and Specialty pre-show practice times

  • Saturday, 4/6, Afternoon
    • 12:50 – 1:10pm – All Specialties
    • 1:10 – 1:30pm – Two Night Soloists
  • Saturday, 4/6, Evening
    • 5:50 – 6:10pm – All Specialties
    • 6:10 – 6:30pm – One Night Soloists
  • Sunday, 4/7, Afternoon
    • 12:50 – 1:10pm – All Specialties
    • 1:10 – 1:30pm – Two Night Soloists