Ice Show 2024: Theme & Tryout Information (Nov 12, 2023)

This Year’s Ice Show themed Toyland: A Skating Spectacular will be April 6th and 7th 2024. 

As members of the Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club, your skater has the opportunity to try out for additional numbers in the show, which include solo’s and specialty numbers (small group numbers). A club skater is able to skate in a large group number and the Opening Number without participating in ice show tryouts. 

Tryouts will take place on November 12th from 9:00-11:30am at the K.B. Willett Ice Arena. 


  • At Free Skate 3 level (or higher) at the time of tryouts. Check with your private coach if you are unsure about your skaters eligibility. 
  • Skaters of high school status or younger
  • Skaters who are CIFSC members who attend their packages regularly (minimum of 3 hours per month from September to end of February)
  • All those trying out must be registered for and skate in a freestyle group number. Requirements of freestyle group eligibility must be maintained. See Ice Show guidelines.


To register for tryouts, skaters must complete the following two items by November 12th:

  1. Register for the ice show. This includes inputting costume measurements and paying the registration fee. (K.B. Willett website)
  2. Register for tryouts. This includes signing the tryout agreement form. (K.B. Willett website)

New this year: Registration for tryouts will be offered through CivicREC on the K.B. Willett website. Registration for both ice show tryouts and the ice show will open November 1st.

Please see the attached PDF for a summary of the tryout process.

Thank you,
Katie Baeten