Friday A.M. Open Freestyle: Skaters Needed!

A few of you have asked what it would take to make the Friday Open Freestyle run.

After running the numbers, I have come up with what I need to open the ice during that time. If we start on Sept. 29th and go until Dec. 15th, with the exception of Black Friday, that equals 11 skates. I need $880 total. That amount can be divided up between the skaters who wish to participate. Participants will pay for the entire session, and no drop-in option will be available.

Please coordinate with others and/or reply to this email if you are interested in participating before Sept. 27th. I will let those skaters know how many skaters we have and what the cost per skater comes out to be.

  • 1 skater = $880 total ($80 per skate)
  • 2 skaters = $440 total ($40 per skate)
  • 3 skaters = $293.33 total ($26.67 per skate)
  • 4 skaters = $220 total ($20 per skate)
  • 5 skaters = $176 total ($16 per skate)
  • And so on..

Please know I am all for keeping the Friday Open Freestyle session going. I realize it’s a time skaters can utilize for individual practice or private instruction with a rink monitor on site for safety. However, there is a threshold for recuperating the costs of providing this opportunity. Going forward, I will set a price and minimum number of skaters needed for the session upfront.

Please pass this email on to any eligible skater (pre-free and up) or coaches that may be interested.

Thank you,

Anne Hylla
Recreation Superintendent
Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2442 Sims Ave.
Stevens Point, WI 54481