Open Volunteer Positions

Good Morning,

The Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club relies on volunteers in every aspect of our organization. While we have set a minimum requirement for volunteer hours, we are so appreciative of those that exceed those requirements. Without the support and commitment of our volunteers, many club events would not be possible. Even if your skater isn’t involved in a particular event, yet, we want to maintain opportunities for when skaters are eligible. 

We have several volunteer positions opening as we prepare for a large graduating senior class this upcoming season. Committing to one of the positions below would involve working with the current volunteer for this season to learn the role, and then taking over the position during the 2024-2025 season. If you have any questions about what the position entails, please reach out to the current coordinator. Filling any one of these positions will fulfill your 5 (or 9 for multiple skaters) volunteer hours. This would not include your test session, HS team, or Ice Show hours required (if your skater participates). 

  • High School Competition Coordinator (October-December) Current Coordinator- Jill Przekurat (fulfills your required 2 hours for HS Team)
  • High School Team Billing (September-March) Current Coordinator- Terrie Tauferner (fulfills your required 2 hours for HS Team)
  • Rink Monitor Coordinator & Scheduling (this job is a year round) Current Coordinator- Tieoni Riley
  • Riverfront Rendezvous Soda Stand Coordinators (April-July) We have 2 coordinators for this position, we need to fill 1. Current Coordinators are Jen Lindsey and Terrie Tauferner-
  • 50/50 Raffle Coordinator (Ice Show Weekend) We would like to increase this from two coordinators to four. So we are looking for four people total. Current Coordinators- Terrie and Ryan Tauferner (fulfills your required Ice Show Hours)
  • Ice Show Yard Sign Coordinator (March-April) Current Coordinator- Tieoni Riley

Thank you for your consideration,