Ice Show Tryouts: Event Information / Reminders

Below are some reminders regarding Solo Tryouts this Sunday, Nov 12 from 9am – 11:30 am. This tryout determines additional roles in the show including solos and specialty (small group) numbers. If your skater is not trying out this year but is considering it for future years, they are welcome to come and observe. Good luck skaters!

Day of Tryout

  • Arrive at the rink by 9am to draw a number at the registration table located by the front door. 
  • After all skaters have drawn a number, we will all meet in the warming room to listen to the music. Parents will also meet in the warming room.
  • First group of skaters will get on the ice at approximately 9:30am. If you are in the first group, you will put your skates on in the warming room.
  • Skaters NOT in the first group will take their skating bags with them and go down to Locker Room 5.
  • After you are done skating, you are free to leave.
  • Results will be emailed to participants Monday evening. This allows the skater to view the results from the comfort of their home vs in front of their peers.

On the Ice

  • Skaters will get a 5 minute warm up
  • After the 5 minute warm up, both pieces of music will be played for the skaters to skate to. 
  • Once the skaters are done with warm up, they will go back into the locker room until they are on deck to skate. 
  • Once the skater is done skating, they are free to leave. 
  • Skaters are NOT allowed back into the locker room once they have skated.

Helpful Hints

  • Wear a skating costume. Dress like it is a competition. 
  • Come with an idea of the elements you would like to do.
  • Smile and look like you are having fun.
  • Skaters are judged on their technical skills and artistic skills. Their technical score is 50% of the overall score. Their artistic score is 50% of their overall score. Technical skills include what jumps and spins the skater completed and the overall quality of the elements. Artistic skills involve how the skater related to the music, appropriate body movements, overall presentation, and the skater’s ability to entertain the audience. 
  • All of our judges are past CIFSC skaters and have all gone through tryouts as a skater.


  • Skaters are not allowed to bring any electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, ect….) into the locker room. Parents, please make sure your skater is abiding by this rule.
  • Spectators are not allowed to video record skaters who are not a part of their family. 
  • No “sideline coaching” from parents or coaches. Skaters are not allowed to receive coaching from a spectator during the warm-up.
  • Zero tolerance for bullying. Skaters will act kindly and respectfully to their fellow club skaters at all times during solo tryouts.

Take some time to talk with your skater about the above items to help us all have a great tryout experience.

Thank you,
Katie Baeten