Package Ice: Use CAUTION!, Time Correction & Reminders

The rink staff wants to remind everyone that when the weather is warm, the heat that comes in from the entrance doors creates condensation drips from the ceiling. The staff will do their best to minimize the impact of the drips, but skaters should be cautious on that end of the rink on warm days. Fixing this issue is part of the ongoing updates to the Willett. 

There was a misprint on the Rink Monitor Schedule. Wednesday’s package will run from 6:00-7:00.

If your skater will be working with a coach that is not listed on the club website, please ask them if they are a current Coach on Record. This is free and requires the completion of a simple form, along with verification of their coaching credentials. If they are not listed as a coach on our website, chances are they are not a Coach on Record (minus our coaches from this past summer). Coaches wishing to work with skaters during club ice should email this address for a link to the form.


  1. Club apparel orders are due by September 16th
  2. Butterbraid sales begin October 9th and run through October 23rd