Summer Ice: Walk On Ice / Reminders / Coach of Record

Moving forward, we will not be allowing skaters to walk onto a FULL package. Any packages with 15 skaters scheduled to be on the ice is FULL. Skaters have paid for that time and can be late, leave early, their spot will not be given away.

If you know your skater will not be at package, you are welcome to email Tieoni and let her know. You are not obligated to do so. If Tieoni is notified in advance of an absent skater, she will update the schedule online. Skaters can check  before they leave for the rink to see if a spot has opened up.

Rink Monitors – remember to log all walk-on skaters:

  1. Collect the appropriate amount of money (no change will be given. See  binder for walk-on fee amounts)
  2. Write the skater’s name into the schedule.
  3. Write the skater’s name onto the Walk-On log in the binder and fill in all other requested information.
  4. Place the money in the manila envelope in the binder.

Remember that skaters may  not  have any recording or listening devices on the ice. This includes headphones or propping their phone on the glass to record. We want 100% of a skater’s focus to be on what is going on around them. 

Ice Hawks typically cuts the heaters at this point in the summer. So dress accordingly!

Coach of Record

All coaches who work with skaters during package ice need to be a Coach of Record. If you wish to work with a new coach, please send me their name and email address. I need to verify that they meet compliance requirements BEFORE they get on the ice. (Coaches currently on record, I will be sending out the new compliance forms in a few weeks.)