Reminders / Skater Code Of Conduct

We have had some concerns about the following policies. Please talk with your skater about these expectations.

  • NO CELLPHONES ON THE ICE. Music needs to be played by the monitors. Any notes your skater may have, must be read off ice. Videos need to be taken by someone off ice or by the skater’s coach. We need their full attention on the skaters around them.
  • Skaters need a scarf or sash while skating to their music. This makes them visible to the other skaters as the soloist with the right of way. Please make sure your skater has a sash/scarf to use on the ice. Rink monitors, if skaters do not have a scarf/sash, they forfeit their turn to skate. They are welcome to borrow from another skater, if needed.
  • Rink Monitors need to be announcing skaters over the microphone before playing their music. Again, this is another safety measure so other skaters know who has the right of way.
  • Skaters should move out of the way of a soloist skating to their music. Be aware of where the soloist is and give them space for their routine

We ask rink monitors to talk with skaters, when needed, regarding the above policies. All of these expectations were covered at the membership meeting by our coaches. This is also covered in the skater code of conduct.