2022/23 Volunteers Needed

The Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club is seeking volunteers! You will work with the current coordinator, this season, to learn the position. You will then be the lead coordinator during the 2022-2023 season. Each position will fulfill all your volunteer hours.  You will still be responsible for fulfilling your 1 hour of time during the annual ice show (if your skater is participating).

Positions Available:

Concessions Scheduling

  • coordinating concession worker sign-up
  • making sure all hours are filled
  • calculating worker earnings
  • communicating with the Willet staff, CIFSC treasurer, and concession workers 

Volunteer Coordinator 

  • coordinating volunteer sign-up for club events
  • making sure all hours are filled
  • tracking club member volunteer hours
  • communicating with the CIFSC board and club members

Ice Show Pictures Coordinator 

  • coordinating dates/times with the photographer 
  • creating the picture day schedule and coordinating volunteers
  • communicating with Willet staff, CIFSC board, and ice show participants 

Riverfront RendezvousFundraiser 

  • this fundraiser is run by 2 club volunteers. There is one position currently open. 
  • working with the city to organize the soda stand
  • creating the volunteer schedule and making sure all the hours are filled
  • monitoring the stand during Riverfront 
  • reconciling soda inventory and profit with the city
  • communicating with CIFSC board, club members/volunteers/the city

Butterbraid Fundraiser

  • set up dates/times for the fundraiser
  • have fundraiser forms ready for August registration meeting
  • collect order forms and money after the fundraiser concludes
  • verify money received matches orders
  • input the order electronically to the company and submit money to the CIFSC treasurer 
  • pay the driver upon delivery
  • coordinate club pick-up
  • communicate with club, CIFSC treasurer, and butter braid fundraising company

Apparel Orders

  • coordinate dates with apparel company (MADA)
  • decide on which items to include in apparel order
  • have apparel forms ready for August registration meeting
  • communicate with MADA for a pick-up date
  • coordinate club pick-up

Please contact the club president if you have any questions about the volunteer positions available or if you would be willing to fill that position for the club.