2022/23 Package Interest Survey

With the recent move of the Pointer Women’s hockey team to the Willet, our club has lost its’ synchronized skating time from 4:00-5:15. We are looking for other options and are seeking member feedback on fall ice interest. Please read the options carefully and respond to EACH question, not just the packages you plan to sign up for. Packages with too few skaters may be canceled. Please complete this form for each skater you have in the club. Do not combine multiple skaters in one form.

This form is NOT your package registration. This is simply a way for us to gauge interest so we offer package times that work for our members.

We encourage you to discuss package options with your coach(es) as skaters are not always placed exactly by level, but sometimes where the coach has the availability for a lesson. Please take into consideration if your skater plans to participate on our synchronized skating or high school team. Also, make sure that your coach is available at your desired time and location. Not all coaches will be available for all packages at both locations.  

We ask that all responses be submitted by Friday May 27th.

Note: If you are not planning to skate a fall/winter package next season, you do not need to complete this form.