Ice Show 2022: Rehearsals / Reminders (It’s Show Time!)

Ice Show Week is here. Great job to all the skaters for all your hard work leading up to this point. Below are a few reminders and a run down of how the next few days will look. Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

  • Please note, masks will no longer be required during the ice show.
  • Show Books will be ready for pick up before Technical Rehearsal & before Dress Rehearsal.  Beth McBride will be handing them out near the Rink Office so be sure to get your book!

Thursday Technical Rehearsal

A tentative tech rehearsal schedule is available below. Please check your ice show schedule to confirm when you need to be at the rink for technical rehearsal. We will be running each number at least twice back to back and allow for possible instructor feedback. Announcements will be made throughout technical rehearsal informing you of when your skater is all done and able to leave. No costumes for technical rehearsal. Please dress warm. There will be signs by the ice notifying what front bleacher your skater should sit with their group before they go on the ice. An instructor will come and get each group when it is their time to go. 

Dress Rehearsal Friday at 5:00

*All skaters wear costumes, tan tights, and over the boot covers (if necessary)

The show running order is included below. This is the same order for the dress rehearsal as well as the individual shows. All skaters need to be ready at 5:00 costumes on and skates on to run through the Finale. I would suggest having your skater wear a jacket while on the ice to practice the finale.  After the finale practice, we will start with the opening number and run through the entire show. 2 soloists will skate back to back. All Freestyle, seniors, specialty, and soloists skaters will utilize the locker rooms during dress rehearsal. The Glow, Wizard of Oz, Sunny Seamonsters, Unicorns, Neverending Story, and Raya and the Last Dragon groups will sit in their designated first row bleachers and watch the show. An instructor will come and grab the skaters in the bleachers when it is their turn to skate. Once a Skater is done performing in their number(s), they are welcome to leave or watch the remainder of dress rehearsal. We will not go through the Finale at the end of dress again.  

Additional Information

  1. All skaters with rental skates and skates other than black or white need to wear boot covers.  All skaters must have white or black laces.  
  2. Children can watch technical and dress rehearsals but must remain in their staging rooms during the show.  This is so as not to disturb other people who are enjoying the show. We will have the Finale at the end of each shows and bring all the skaters back onto the ice.
  3. Please feed your children before the show.  There should be no food or drink in the staging rooms.
  4. Be at the rink a minimum of 30 minutes before show time.
  5. Skaters may enter through East or West doors.  Parents may only enter through West doors.
  6. Staging room volunteers can pick up name tags in the office. We are still looking for a few more volunteers for this role!
  7. Before you leave home make sure you have all the pieces to your costumes and your skates.
  8. Have your names on items you bring with you and might want returned.  Especially guards.  Items can be more easily returned with some identification.
  9. Skaters.  Bring your smile and enthusiasm, quiet voices, and good behavior.  All skaters are expected to behave and respect authority figures in the staging rooms at all times.  
  10. There is no parking on Minnesota Ave the weekend of the Show. Vehicles parking there will be ticketed.

We are looking forward to a great weekend with great performances!

Katie Baeten
Ice Show Director