2022 Ice Show Tryout Results

Great job to all the skaters and a big thank you for supporting and encouraging each other. Below are the results from tryouts.

Tryout Results


Saturday & Sunday AfternoonSaturday NightPerformance / Song
Anneliese HeeseMallory GreenwoodThe Mad Hatter (Wonderland)
Jordan RothMadeline McBrideBarracuda (Trolls) 
Rosslyn DeppeEvangelina LotzerFriend Like Me (Aladdin)
Angelica LotzerEla McBrideMillion to One (Cinderella)
Alyssa OlsonGenevieve HeesePure Imagination (Willy Wonka)
Malerie GaylordAva HeeresSomething Wild (Pete’s Dragon)

Costume books will be available in the Warming Room for the soloists to look through on 2 occasions this year:

  • Tuesday, November 30th, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Sunday, December 5th, 3:00-5:00 pm

All solo costumes must be approved by Katie Baeten.


CruellaIn Love with a MonsterMagik 2.0 Smurfs
Haley LigmanReece PrzekuratJulianna Lotzer
Brooklyn BrownMargo ZennerToren Anderson
Moira BurkleyAddisyn TaufernerAlexa Franc
Victoria PronschinskeKiara FrancEvelyn Riley

SnowPlow Leaders

  • Izabella Fletcher
  • Hallie Hudack

SnowPlow Leaders need to attend SnowPlow Ice Show practices