Riverfront Rendezvous Fundraiser

Each year during Riverfront Rendezvous, CIFSC members are provided the opportunity to earn credit, to be used towards the purchase of ice time, by working a shift selling coca-cola products.  In order to receive the credit, a shift must be worked by both a skater AND a parent, both of whom must work the entire 3 hour shift.  If you cannot fulfill this requirement, please do not sign up to work a Riverfront shift.  There are other credit earning opportunities available.  We have had issues with this the past several years and it is not fair to those who follow the requirements. 

If you sign up for the first shift of the day, you will assist in unloading beverages from the semi as well as stocking the refrigerators and tub coolers at the MAIN and/or BINGO tents. If you sign up for the last shift of the day, you will assist in removing beverages from cooler tubs and locking up. All shifts will be responsible for re-stocking beverages and ice blocks/cubes, when necessary.  If you sign up to work in the main tent, you may be called upon to transport beverages from the semi to the bingo tent, if needed.  All shifts include selling beverages to customers.

Skaters will NOT be allowed in the semi without immediate adult supervision.  Skaters may assist an adult in the semi, but should never be in the semi alone, even for a brief period of time.

You will be required to sign in when arriving to work your shift; please be on time.  There will be directions available in a binder at both the MAIN and BINGO tents.  The MAIN tent is located south of the food area and the BINGO tent is located north of the band shell and south of the Pfiffner Building.

Only CIFSC skaters and immediate family should be in the tent for your shift.  Please remember that you are representing Crystal Ice Figure Skating Club when you are working at Riverfront Rendezvous.  For that reason, only skaters or parents should sell beverages (no siblings please).  Only adults are allowed to handle the cash box, including making change.

Sign up for shifts will be sent out in an email in volunteer spot.