Ice Rink Etiquette


For the safety of all the skaters on the ice, it is important for skaters to be courteous and considerate of others at all times.  Please watch for other skaters, yield to others and observe the following rules.

1.    The RIGHT OF WAY should be given to skaters having lessons with their coaches for the first 20 minutes of their lesson.  Please make every effort to make way for them.

2.    The SECOND RIGHT OF WAY goes to those skaters doing their program while their music is playing.  As competition season approaches, the number of skaters wishing to skate their programs to music greatly increases.  As a result, skaters may only be able to do their programs once or twice a session, making each program rehearsal very important.  Please make every attempt to yield to them.  This will help avoid this frustrating problem.  Skaters running through their programs are REQUIRED to wear a colored sash AROUND THEIR WAIST!

3.    DO NOT STAND OR LOITER ON THE ICE as it interferes with other skaters. It is very hazardous and there is simply not enough room on the ice to stand, rest or talk. If you must chat or stop to rest, please do it off the ice go to the penalty boxes, the boards, the bleachers, or the warming room.

4.    Any type of personal listening devices such as I-Pods, MP3 players, or anything with headphones are forbidden on the ice.  Skaters not only need to watch for other skaters but also listen for them.

5.    NO FOOD ON THE ICE.  Be careful with drinks or the rink may ban them from the ice.  Water is the only drink permitted on the ice. 

6.   Please do not litter or leave anything on the ice.  Be sure to keep track of your used tissues, other paper and skate guards.  Items left on the ice may severely damage the Zamboni, and it is inconsiderate to others to leave your used tissues along the boards.

7.   ALL skaters are required to fill holes, chips, and gouges in the ice at the END OF EACH SESSION.  Please take a bucket at the Zamboni end and FILL THE HOLES.

8.    Parents playing music, please be sure the volume is not too high.  The music is much louder in the bleachers than on the ice.  Only competition music is allowed to be played.