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Kendra M & Coach AngelaCoaches can help you advance and train.Lessons are not a part of the club.A coach helps you learn new skills, perfect current skills, pick the proper skates, help in developing programs for competitions, and provide music cds for your programs. † A list of coaches is supplied for your convenience.

You may contact the names of coaches on the list provided, but you are not limited to these coaches.  As long as the coach can provide proof of USFSA membership, along with any other coaching credentials, they may coach during CIFSC ice time.  Contact your coach before signing up for a package.A coach generally gives a 10-20 minute lesson to each of her students during a package and that limits the number of students a coach can work with during a specific package.

The coach's fees are determined by the individual coach.Payment of fees is made directly to the coach. Students generally start with one package and one lesson per week, but this is determined by the budget of the skaterís family, the skater and coach.

It is recommended to have a coach once you reach the Freestyle 1 level.A good place to request a coach is either at the ice arena or refer to the coach contact list.It is highly recommended that you contact a coach early in the year as each coach has a limited number of skaters they can coach.

If you are interested in coaching with CIFSC, the requirements are as follows:


1.  You must be the minimum age of 18 years old.

2.  You need to show proof of Liability Insurance (through PSA or other sources)

3.  You must show proof of a background check through USFSA.

4.  You can provide proof of Continuing Education certification.  THIS IS OPTIONAL for those coaches wanting to put students on the ice at USFSA sanctioned events.