Walk-On Ice

Spring/Summer Sessions at Ice Hawks Arena

Walk-on ice will be available for all packages with less than 15 skaters to all home club members, associate members, collegiate members and adult members. 

Walk-on ice is on a first come, first serve basis = no reservations can be made.  You must be at the appropriate skating level of the session you are planning to walk on to (i.e. a low freestyle skater can NOT walk-on to a high freestyle session). 

If you are interested in walking on during a session, you must notify and make payment to the Rink Monitor.  Please have EXACT CHANGE, as we will NOT be able to "make change".   

Pricing for walk-on ice during the 2012 Spring/Summer sessions:

60 minute session - $14.00 for Home Club and Associate Members

If you have any questions, contact the Registration Coordinator (see board contact list).