The Crystal Edge Open Juvenile team for the 2012-2013 season includes:

Jessica A - Colette B - Katie B - Victoria B - Ashley D- Cassie F - Nina H - LeeAnn P - Lindsey P - Hope R - Megan R


Crystal Edge Open Juvenile is our highest level synchronized skating team.  Skaters must be a minimum of a Freestyle 5 skater. 

Tests passed include:  PRE-PRELIMINARY Moves in the Field at the time of tryouts. 

This team will compete in the Open Juvenile category at competitions.


The team will be performing to "Reach Higher" by Gloria Estefan.


Results for the 2012-2013 Competition Season:


Foot of the Lake (Fond du Lac, WI) ... January 5th, 2013 ...  6th Place


Swan Syncsation (Beaver Dam, WI) ... February 9th & 10th, 2013 ... 1st Place in the Silver Round


Eau Claire Competition (Eau Claire, WI) ... March 10th, 2013 ... 1st Place