ICE HAWK ARENA - Spring & Summer

(copy of directions also available in CIFSC duffle bag at Ice Hawk Arena)

(Click for CIFSC Club Calendar - Rink Monitor Schedule)

As the rink monitor at the Ice Hawk Arena, you are the “adult in charge” during the ice time package (there is only one rink monitor for each package at Ice Hawks). You must be present inside the rink, for the entire package. (FYI: Ice Hawks rink is colder than K.B. Willett.)  Please arrive a few minutes early so that you are set up before the skaters enter the rink.  You will NOT be playing CDs for the skaters but will have other duties, including:


» Handling the CIFSC duffle bag:

If you are the first (or only) package of the night, please get the CIFSC duffle bag from the zamboni room, located at the end of the rink where the skaters enter and exit the ice. In the duffle bag, you will find the emergency contact list and first aid supplies along with a binder with the skater’s names for each package at Ice Hawks.  If you are not the last package of the night, please leave the CIFSC duffle bag on the bleachers (near the zamboni end) for the next rink monitor.  If you are the last (or only) package of the night, please return the duffle bag to the zamboni room. 


» Checking in the skaters:

It is your responsibility to check in the skaters (check off the names of the skaters on the sheet provided in the binder). Only allow skaters whose names are on the list on the ice. If there is a skater on the ice who is not on the list, it is your responsibility to ask her/him to leave the ice. If a question arises regarding whether or not a skater should be on the ice (skater’s name is not on the list, but she thinks it should be), contact the Membership/Reginstration Coordinator (contact information is in the emergency contact list in the CIFSC duffle bag). Near the end of your package, you may want to stand down at the end of the rink where the skaters exit to remind the skaters to fill pick holes (if a bucket of ice is provided by Ice Hawks).


» Recording skater information and collecting fees for walk-ons:

Walk-on skating is allowed only if there is room on the ice for that session; sessions are limited to 15 skaters. If a skater wants to "walk-on" (has not signed up for the session, but would like to skate) the rink monitor must collect money from the skater before she is allowed on the ice The cost is $15 for 60 minute sessions and $8.00 for 30 minute sessions, please have exact change or check made out to CIFSC. (the rink monitor is not expected to make change). Sometimes skaters run late for their sessions, so if a skater that is scheduled to skate does not show up at the start of the session, do not assume she is not coming.  Do not allow a walk-on to take her place.  Monies (or walk-on certificates) that are collected should be placed in the envelope in the back of the binder that is labeled WALK ON FEES.  Please also fill out the form with skater’s name, date and session.  If there are any questions, please call the Membership/Reginstration Coordinator.


» Turning the lights on/off:

If you are the first or last (or only) package of the night, you should make sure the rink lights are turned on (or off). The switch is labeled and located in the zamboni room.  Please also remember to turn off the lobby lights if you are the last package of the night.


» Be available in case of an emergency. 


Make sure to check the Rink Monitor Schedule (emailed to skaters as well as available online on the "club calendar" link). You will be charged $20 for each no-show.  If the date you are scheduled doesn’t work out for you, you may switch with another parent (check the “Club Calendar” to see list of skaters).  Please notify the Rink Monitor Coordinator if you switch dates with someone.  Also, let the Rink Monitor Coordinator know if you fill in for someone who was a no-show, so you can receive credit for doing so.


FYI - Only CIFSC home club members are assigned rink monitor duties.

Thank you.