Rink Monitor Schedule

As the Rink Monitor, you are the “adult in charge” during the ice time package.  You are responsible for:

 Please contact a board member if there are any problems that you feel need to be addressed.

 Be sure to check the Rink Monitor Schedule – the schedule can be found on the CIFSC website and is also on the bulletin board at the rink.  You will be charged $20 for each no-show.  BOTH PARENTS listed on the schedule MUST show up for rink monitor duties; if one parent is needed for an emergency, the other can keep CDs playing.  If the date you are scheduled for doesn’t work out for you, you may switch with another parent.  Please notify the Rink Monitor Coordinator if you switch dates with someone.  Also, be sure to sign-in if you filled in for someone who was a no-show so you can receive credit for doing so. 



Copy of CD Playing Directions


During the first couple of minutes of the package, skaters will give you their CDs and then warm-up on the ice.  Organize the CDs in the order in which they were received to skate – there is a black CD case labeled “Property of CIFSC” that is available to help organize, if needed.  Please be sure to never SLIDE the CDs across the table as they scratch easily. 

·    At this time you should also enter the names of the skaters who have turned in a CD on the CD Playing Form in the CIFSC black binder.  Please use a new form for each ice package session, with the most recent session on top.  A sample can be found in the binder.

·   After 5 minutes of warm-up, using the microphone, announce the first skater’s CD to be played and also the skater who is next in order.  Example:  “Heather Smith is up; Maggie Jones is on deck.”

·   Skaters must wear a sash when their music is being played.  When the skater is in her ready position, start the CD and get the “on deck” skater’s music ready.  The skater “on deck” should put on a sash as soon as she is called, so she is ready to go as the previous skater’s music ends.  Please try your best to move quickly through the CDs as it will allow more opportunities for each skater to skate their program.

·   Once a skater begins the program (except during a lesson), the CD can not be stopped and re-started, unless there are technical difficulties.

·   3 minutes prior to the end of the package – please announce that pick holes must be filled.  Announcement:  “Any skaters who are not having a lesson or having their music played at this time, should begin filling pick holes.  Thank You!”

·   Return the CDs to their cases and return to the skaters at the end of the package. 

·   If you are the last package of the evening, please return the binder, CD case, CD player and sashes to the CIFSC box and lock the box.

·   If there are no skaters needing music to be played, personal music may be played as long as the music does NOT include any inappropriate language.